## Work In Progress

My old blog based on Angular.js was in a sorry state and needed replacement.
I will launch a new page when it is ready.

## Interests

In the meantime: I'm always open for discussions (in no specific order) about the following and related topics:

AWS, the cloud in general, startups, Berlin, serverless applications, Apache Spark, javascript, React.js, Vue.js, Apple, Amazon, Google, the (open) internet, RSS, the latest hardware, machine learning, blockchain, the (sharing / gig) economy, politics, IoT, eMobility, social justice, privacy legislation, the best apps & webservices , silicon valley, software development best practices, agile, lean, continuous deployment, Docker (Swarm), Kubernetes, VC, the future (of work), digitalisation, green enery, climate change, innovation, (strategic) management, wait but why, Stratechery

## Get In Touch

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