## Work In Progress

My old blog based on Angular.js was in a sorry state and needed replacement.
I will launch a new page when it is ready. Spoiler: this time it's going to use Vue.js. Also: yes, I'm using tabs, not spaces.

## Interests

In the meantime: I'm always open for discussions (in no specific order) about the following and related topics:

AWS, the cloud in general, startups, Berlin, serverless applications, Apache Spark, javascript, React.js, Vue.js, Apple, Amazon, Google, the (open) internet, RSS, the latest hardware, machine learning, blockchain, the (sharing / gig) economy, politics, IoT, eMobility, social justice, privacy legislation, the best apps & webservices , silicon valley, software development best practices, agile, lean, continuous deployment, Docker (Swarm), Kubernetes, VC, the future (of work), digitalisation, green enery, climate change, innovation, (strategic) management, Wait but why, Stratechery, John Gruber

## Get In Touch

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